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Ideacious workshop

by Kyra

Ideacious workshop, originally uploaded by Kyra Savolainen.

A few weeks ago I stopped by the Ideacious workshop for a progress presentation. There was a whole lot of show and tell going on.


Listen up! PYYRAMIDS – That Ain’t Right

by Kyra

“No I don’t want to break your heart” equals lyrics for the season.

Visiting Ivy

by Kyra

Ivy sunning, originally uploaded by Kyra Savolainen.

Nanna to me (Ivy to you) came visiting mid-summer and we had the good fortune to enjoy some time in the late-day sun together.

Calendar loving

by Kyra

I just typed the word ‘calendar’ into a search box and felt a quick and sure and soft sensation of an awe like love for our language and all the things that it can do for us.

One and the other

by Kyra

One says things so honestly, but they never equate to the songs she brings. One says she’s gotta heal good, real slow; the other claims they’re just wasting, let it go. One says she can’t walk away; the other, she implores, just take hold. One might have the other, but neither really have a thing.

Nanna quote

by Kyra

[60 Minutes plays in my mother’s living room]

Kyra: Nanna, is the tv loud enough for you?

Ivy: Oh, yes. It’s just that I don’t hear properly if there are two sound sources at once. [pause] So shut up. [Classic Ivy-Kyra laughter.]

Listen up! Back to back, this must be the place, baby

by Kyra

These songs all came together today.

This morning, Hypem served me my first dose of Wolf Gang in the form of the track below, ‘Back to Back.’

Fine enough for heart pop, but what I loved most is that it reminded me of how wonderful the Talking Heads’ This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) is. Behold! If you haven’t heard this lately (or ever), you should do so right now. Play both at the same time and have a little fun with matching the two songs up.

Going back to ‘Back to Back’ I ended up thinking of Bruce Hornsby’s American classic ‘That’s Just the Way It Is’, which I am now trying to scrub out of my brain by listening to other things. As a result, there is now a Fall Out Boy song on my computer. Guess that’s just the way it is, baby.

Listen up! King Creosote & Jon Hopkins – Bubble

by Kyra

As I just told a good friend in an email, this is one of the loveliest songs I’ve heard lately.

Parkdale breeze

by Kyra

Listen up! It takes a muscle

by Kyra